Vibrating Foot

Vibrating Foot One of my new and exciting symptoms is my left foot, close to the heel is vibrating. It is so strange, it is almost in a pattern like my cell phone is in my shoe or something. It happens 24 hours a day and it is actually keeping me from a good sleep,… Continue reading Vibrating Foot

Pondering the future

Pondering the Future Sitting in the hospital as my mother-in-law is being prepped for Renal Angioplasty, I ponder my life on several levels. First being in the hospital has reminded me that in the past 18 months I have been in the hospital three times. All three of them via the Emergency Room and two… Continue reading Pondering the future

Feeling Good!!!

Feeling Good!!! I have been back on my normal (1800mg) dosage of Gabapentin for 5 full days now and I’m feeling so much better. Changing medications is never easy, but this time was rough. After a few days of flu-like symptoms, I feel great, I’m thinking clearly and I’m being a productive member of society… Continue reading Feeling Good!!!

Heat Intolerance

Heat Intolerance One of the biggest problems I face in the summertime is heat intolerance. The hotter it gets the more my symptoms seem to rear their ugly little heads. Currently, we are in a heatwave (100 degrees in Virginia) and my office at work isn’t much better (80% humidity and 80 degrees), due to… Continue reading Heat Intolerance