A Sad State of Affairs

A Sad State of Affairs My wife and I snuck away for a lunch date this weekend and we decided to hit up the local Chili’s. When we entered we were third in line for seating and noticed that the main dining room was closed off but the bar area was nearly full. We asked… Continue reading A Sad State of Affairs

Web Design Company

Web Design Company When I started in web design, it wasn’t actually design per say, we are talking 1996-97 timeframe and I was converting all of our course material (I was an instructor in the Marine Corps) from Enable to HTML. That is how I first got my start in HTML. I don’t think Enable… Continue reading Web Design Company

The First Computer Virus

The First Computer Virus The first computer viruses were not what they are today, they were mostly made as practical jokes to play on co-workers or designed to find idle computer processes or to see how far someone could push their coding skills. The first real computer virus in the wild was called “Brain” and… Continue reading The First Computer Virus

The Dark Web

The Dark Web This story seems to just keep happening, every so often another Dark Web marketplace is taken down.https://www.france24.com/en/technology/20211026-police-in-us-europe-arrest-150-suspects-in-global-dark-web-sting But what is the Dark Web and what is a marketplace and why are they being taken down? The Dark Web The dark web is nothing more than internet web sites that are not part… Continue reading The Dark Web

Stranded Hiker

Stranded Hiker So let me get this straight-A hiker is exploring Mount Elbert, which just happens to be Colorado’s highest peak, they get lost and disoriented and can’t find their way back to civilization, yet they ignored phone calls to their cell phone because they were from an unknown number? How can you be that… Continue reading Stranded Hiker