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Canadian Health&Care Mall is part of the Eva Pharmacy fraud.


Canadian Health&Care Mall is another property. (Also previously thought to be managed by Alex Polyakov The same group of scam pharmacy brands is referred to as "Eva Pharmacy" by Knujon and LegitScript and as "Yambo Financials" by Spamhaus.)

Version 1

Version 2

"Canadian Health&Care Mall" also appears under Canadian Pharmacy as a copyright statement

© 2001–2013 Canadian Health&Care Mall. All rights reserved.

The FAQ fraudulently states

Our online ordering system uses the latest in Secure Encryption Technology.
All personal and credit card information is submitted with the highest level
of security and precautions.

In fact, when you go to Checkout you are on a non-secure http page hosted by!

When last tested (Aprl, 2007) the links to "Verisign Secured", "FDA", "CPA Approved" and "American Quality" all failed, as well as the "View License". Canadian Health&Care Mall, in common with Polyakov's other fake pharmacy operations, has no licenses, approval, quality guarantees, security or site awards.

Under "Our Address" the site for this "Canadian" pharmacy lists addresses in Monroe, LA and New Delhi, India. Neither of these addresses are in Canada.

Each domain name resolves to an IP address of a hijacked host. Each name server used to resolve the domain name to the IP address is also run on yet another hijacked host.


Fake License 1[]

Note the false information: It claims to be "Canadian", yet its alleged head office is in Monroe, Louisiana. The first sentence in the license is "State of Minnesota".

A look-up of the "company" in the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy database yields no results.

Note the obvious typos and grammatical errors which would not occur on a real license:

  • "...licensed by Minnesota Board..." (missing "the")
  • no space after the comma after "...chapter 151"
  • "...reported in the Application.immediately notify..." (no space after the period, and a lower-case "i" starting the following sentence.

Old fake license

The actual Minnesota Board of Pharmacy has stated clearly that the license on this site is a fake, and even have a page devoted to Canadian Health&Care Mall on their websites's FAQ. They provided a statement to our investigators, pointing out all of the discrepancies in it.

Comment from the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy:

We are very much aware of this issue. It has been an ongoing issue for
over a year. I have turned over information to our state's attorney
general office and have had conversations with FDA investigators. The
problem, as you are probably aware, is that it appears that whoever is
behind this is operating outside the United States.

The fake "license" shows clear indications that it is not valid. There
are misspellings, sentences run together, Board of Pharmacy is not

Anyone who did some comparison shopping would also find that the
websites charge several times more for drugs than legitimate websites.
For example, tramdol sells for $0.64 on but $2.17 on

I will consider putting a statement on our website. Not sure what good
it will do because I have a hunch that many people who actually try to
purchase drugs from these websites already know they aren't legitimate -
and don't care. As long as there are people willing to respond to spam
that they know is illegitimate, the spammers will keep operating.

Cody Wiberg, Pharm.D., R.Ph.
Executive Director
Minnesota Board of Pharmacy

Fake License 2[]

With the license clearly exposed as a fraud, these fraudsters have decided to try again.

The new fake originally had the same date as the old one, but is now refreshed.

Although it is supposedly Canadian, it has used American spelling, an error typical of foreigners not well versed in English.

The address given for Canadian Health&Care Mall is false, as shown below. No college of pharmacists would issue a license to a fake company at a false address.

The title of the issuer is incorrect. On the fake it is listed as College of Pharmacists of Ontario whereas the actual title is The Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP). No official certificate issuer would misname its own organization.

New fake license

Fake Doctors[]

About Us

The "About Us" section of Canadian Health&Care Mall sites includes a heartwarming description of its beginnings as a "store of so-called 'useful things,'" written in rather clumsy English. They brag about selling "medication of the best possible quality, licensed and working." And since we've already seen what their license is worth, we conclude the likelihood of getting any drugs that work is ... ?

Canadian Health&Care Mall started as a multistore based in 
Toronto and Ottawa in early 90s. Operating not just as a 
family pharmacy but also as a store of so- called "useful 
things" Health&Care chain store system grew from year to 
year and resulted in current online project. We tried to 
make use of our previous experience and to create a really 
competing online resource for absolutely any customer. 
Though the idea is standard you may be absolutely sure
that the filling is unique and has no analogues all over 
the Internet. We would like to admit that our online store 
is operating independently from the offline store system.

The site lists its medical staff as "Dr. Edward B. Armington" and "Dr. William Grant," both with impressive resumés. Apparently they and their team also have time on the side for modeling, as is selling some of the same stock photos:

image #: 200354730-001 [1]

image #: 200335242-004 [2]

These same fake credentials are found on the "Global Canadian Online" spam brand.

This is a common trait across most of the Yambo Financials sites. My Canadian Pharmacy also uses stock photos as portraits of their so-called "physicians" and "staff."

Additionally, the original picture of the female doctor is also found in Getty Images.  Its modified version, used in Canadian Health&Care Mall, is found in the website of CapitalAir Corporation, Ontario. The model is unlikely to be a real physician, as another picture of hers in Getty Images suggests.


Medical Centres [3]
dv1881002 [4]
dv1881008 [5]

Fake Offices[]

The "contacts" page includes addresses for offices in Ontario, Louisiana, and New Delhi, as well as photos of the buildings they claim to occupy at those locations. They even offer to provide a "face to face audience" with one of their managers to anyone who wishes to visit them on site.


But comparing the buildings in the photos to Google Maps satellite images of those addresses shows residential areas with no sign of large buildings like these:

"2110 Oak Aly, Monroe LA" "2110 Oak St., Monroe LA" (although, admittedly Oak St. does appear to terminate at 21st St., so perhaps this could be called "Oak Alley." But not "Oak Aly." Please.

In more recent sites, the same building has been teleported to Kingston, ON, Canada:


satellite view of 186 Brock St., Kingston, ON "186 Brock St. Kingston, ON" is part of the Hotel Dieu Hospital, which occupies the entire block.

The address in Waterloo, ON turns out to be a residential neighborhood:

"121 Hawkswood, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Canada" "121 Hawkswood Dr, Kitchener, ON N2K, Canada"

The third location, an address in New Delhi, is too inexact for Google maps to locate it; it is unclear if such an address actually exists.

Fake VeriSign certificate[]

Under Awards and Certificates the site displays an apparent link to VeriSign, so that the user can check that it is using encryption to protect credit card information. When you click on this emblem, you expect to be transferred to the VeriSign site to inspect the certificate. But here, the faked certificate is served from the fraud site itself.

The certificate states that information exchanged with any address beginning with https will be encrypted using SSL before transmission. However, when you load the checkout page that transfers your identity and credit card information it is using only http. There is no encryption, no consumer protection, and no VeriSign certificate - just another example of fraud.

Fake VeriSign certificate

Fake FDA certificate[]

Under Awards and Certificates the site displays an apparent link to an FDA Certificate of Registration. Once again, the "certificate" is served up from the fraud site itself. The certificate refers to the false address of Canadian Health&Care Mall at 2425 Matheson Blvd E., Mississauga, ON L4W 5K4, Canada (previously 186 Brock Street, Kingston, ON, Canada). Who would issue a certificate to a fake company that does not exist at that address?

The certificate states that it was issued by the FDA Registrar Corp in Hampton, Virginia. This organization actually exists at

Registrar Corp's Main Office
144 Research Drive
Hampton, Virginia 23666 USA
Phone: +1-757-224-0177
Fax: +1-757-224-0179 

The certificate lists it as

Registrar Corp's Main Office
144 Research Drive
Hampton, Virginia 23666 USA
Phone: +1-757-225-0367  <==
Fax: +1-757-225-0369  <==

The changes they have made to the contact numbers are most likely to prevent anyone checking up on the certificate. For example, Fax: +1-757-224-0179 goes to a real fax, but Fax: +1-757-225-0369 does not. +1-757-225-0367 exists, but it is a military location in Virginia, and they are tired of misdirected calls.

It is dated October 18, 2004.

"This is a very old Certificate of Registration issued by Registrar Corp back in 2004.  It would not still be valid as they are only issued for the current year." - Senior Regulatory Specialist, Client Services, Registrar Corp, 59 Flinders St, Adelaide 5000, Australia.

Fake FDA Registration 2021

Fake Security[]

Some sites have an SSL certificate to encrypt the transmission of sensitive daata such as credit card information, others do not. In either case the site claims to provide encryption with a 256-bit level. Here is an example of a false claim. On the right is a padlock icon representing an encrypted link, together with a false claim to be using encryption. On the left, the browser reveals the true status - no encryption

Fake Registration[]

Like other Yambo family sites, CH&CM uses identity theft to register its sites. Anyone who finds their personal information used in the registration information of a spam website should review the Whois identity theft information article..

In 2014 the method changed from using stolen identities, to using a fake name generator service, such as the one found at These fake ID sites will generate real looking names, addresses, phone numbers and credit cards to simulate real identities. The aim is to make it more difficult for registrars to identify fake registrant data. Only the email address will be true, so that the registrant can handle information requests from the registrars.

Sample Spam[]

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Take notice what said our pleased clients:
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Subject: Simply Thank you!
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Note some more testimonials at our site!

Sample sites and registrars who were sponsoring them[]


Key-Systems GmbH[]








Sample IP Addresses of their websites[]

Their websites tend to move from one IP to another at short intervals. These were in use in mid August 2017.

IP Address IP Location Abuse reports Russia Brazil Russia Russia Russia


History of the Spam - followed on from My Canadian Pharmacy. They have since abandoned the use of image servers.

In the past they have used the same process of running name servers, web site servers and image servers on hijacked hosts.

For example, examining the html source of a sample web page at any one time will have found


for a web site running on

The four name servers are meanwhile running on and

In total there were 8 different IP addresses involved, all running a trojan proxy name server or web server without their owners' consent.

This method has now been abandoned after a comcerted campaign to report these hijacked hosts and to have them cleaned.

Look-alike sites[]


MycanadarxStore appeared in late October 2007. Its "about us" section is highly similar to that of Canadian Health&Care Mall, including the photos of "Dr. Edward B. Armington" and "Dr. William Grant." However, it differs from the other Yambo sites in that it does not share the image server IP address(es) they all use. It shares its nameservers with Prestige Replicas, not any Yambo sites. So this appears to be a case of plagiarism rather than affiliation.

How to Report this Spam[]

The Complainterator is configured to report this spam to the registrars. It performs a "whois" lookup on the domain names used by the name servers that resolve access to the web site. It discovers the registrars that are sponsoring the access to the web site. It prepares a complaint to the sponsoring registrars.

Removal instructions

web site domains
- the registrar needs to set the status of the domain to

  • clientHold
  • clientUpdateProhibited
  • clientDeleteProhibited
  • clientTransferProhibited

name server domains
- the registrar needs to set the status of each of the name server domains to

  • clientHold
  • clientUpdateProhibited
  • clientDeleteProhibited
  • clientTransferProhibited

In addition, to remove them as name servers, the subdomain address records (eg for ns1 and ns2) need to be changed to a non-routable address, such as or a blackhole address within their own address space.

[] is the sponsor organization behind this type of site. They pay spammers to promote it, and they don't shut down illegal spammers.